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Outdoor mobile maps

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone with them. And since we’re wearing it anyway, it would be nice if it did us as much good as possible. For example, to make the navigator apps in the phone really useful.

This site provides a set of maps for country holidays: tourist, mountain, sea and many more. To make them easy to use, you will need a special application “map aggregator”. Aggregators differ from conventional navigation applications in that they are able to show many maps, not just one.

These applications allow you to download specialized [raster][07] maps directly from your smartphone and use them without the Internet. This eliminates the need to download a map to your phone every time in advance using a computer. Moreover, if you suddenly need (anything happens), you can download the map directly during the route, because the mobile Internet today is quite possible to catch in the woods and in the mountains. (Although quite slow)

All this makes the smartphone almost a complete replacement of the “Garmin + computer” bundle. Well, or in a great addition to it.